How your daily Habits Can Affect Your Health?

After the study on the concept researchers tell that the things you eat can influence your risk of dying from heart disease as resulted to today’s environment , becomes more difficult or all to survive because of excessive pollutions if we are talking about factors then there are so many factors which are going to describes as follows:-

  • Natural factor: The main factor is the natural factor which automatically concerned with habits of our daily routine and must be considered first.
  • Living standard: it means that we are living in that area or it suitsto our habits or not or it is suitable for us to survive
  • Environment and surrounding: environment and surrounding play an important role in our daily life. As it shows that bad environment basically concerned with bad health.
  • Wrong adaptation habit: it means that what we are taking the wrong perception and adapting from other are becoming harmful for us or we are in the condition where we also much addicted to it and affecting much badly.

What are the causes and reasons?

Somehow there are so many reasons regarding to the concept, if we talk negatively then habits and some more reasons will definitely affect health. Some are as follows:

  • Eating habits: Eating habit is
  • Excessive sleeping: sleeping habit is one o the main reason if we are using excessive sleeping then it badly affect on us and health
  • Stress and tension: Iwhen automatically stress and depression becomes more intense to us.
  • Depression: If we are talking negatively then sometimes excessive tension is more injurious to our health and resulting depression.

How to tackle and solve the problem?

Sometimes there are so many conditions in which we are not so able to find the solution of that problem and to find proper solution guidance and advice of experts and doctors is just so we can easily conduct bad health transformed into fit and health.


As it clearly shows that how health plays an important role in our beautiful life as it clearly shows that if you want to live happy and safe life then you have to be more conscious and be responsible for that.

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