Moroccan sardine

Moroccan sardine

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Identification: Sardine off the north west African coast is currently divided into three stocks – northern, central and southern – but recent genetic studies indicate that only two stocks may be present, with the central unit divided between them (FAO, 2007).

FAO continues to consider three units until more information becomes available. Presently only the central (zones A+B; Cape Cantin – Cape Boujdor) and southern (zone C; Cape Boujdor – Cape Blanc) units are regularly assessed due to lack of data on the northern stock. The fishery on the northern stock is very small compared to the central and southern fisheries.

The fishery is a mixed fishery for six small pelagic species (sardine, mackerel, anchovy, sardinella and two species of horse mackerel). It was decided, however, to focus initially on sardine, because this is the most important target species, and in order not to make the project too complicated. The other target species are considered as ‘bycatch’ under MSC Principle 2, and are still the target of FIP activities on that basis.

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Start date

March 2014


The Moroccan Sardine FIP has held five stakeholder meetings in Morocco and at the Brussels Seafood show since its inception. These meetings are critical for reviewing FIP progress, discussing the fishery management and planning next steps. The sixth meeting has been scheduled for the morning of 21stJanuary 2016 at the Sheraton, Casablanca, stakeholders are welcome to attend.

The following documents provide the meeting agendas and summaries of the proceedings.

jo presentation 21jan2016

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presentation Brittany Sardine – MSC casablanca 21 01 2016 _2 nolwenn

6th Meeting summary – Resume de reunion 21 Janvier 2016

agenda 6th meeting casablanca bilingual

5th FIP meeting summary Casablanca May15

4th FIP meeting summary Casablanca Dec14

3rd FIP meeting summary Casablanca Sept14

2nd FIP meeting summary Brussels May14

Initial FIP meeting casablanca summary agenda

5th meeting casablanca bilingual agenda

4th meeting casablanca bilingual agenda

3rd meeting casablanca bilingual agenda

2nd meeting brussels




FIP participants

The Steering Group members are:




Otto Frank


Institutional Participants:

Institut National de Recherche Halieutique (INRH) –


Office National des Pêches (ONP) –

Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche Maritime –


Link to participants agreement:

Accord de Participant de la sardine Marocaine Text 2 update 19apr2015

Moroccan Sardine Participant Agreement update 19apr2015


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