FIP help

Sometimes the creation of a FIP can present technical challenges that are difficult for non-specialists to deal with. Here is a list of consultants that can help operate improvement projects for a fee and who have agreed to be included in the Directory:


Blueyou Consulting

Lisa Borges, Fishfix

Ernesto Godelman, CeDePesca

Duncan Leadbitter, Fishmatter

Siân Morgan, Ph.D. | Director, The Americas (MSC, ASC), SCS Global Services

Katrina Nakamura, The Sustainability Incubator

Nautilus Consultants

Ocean Outcomes

Robert Wakeford, Ph.D.| Director, MRAG Ltd.

SAI Global /Global Trust


The Marine Stewardship Council has a list of technical consultants that have experience with FIPs.


Please contact us if you a consultant that wishes to be included in this section –


Disclaimer – Inclusion of a consultant’s name in the FIP Directory does not constitute any form of endorsement or guarantee regarding competence or performance. All relationships with consultants identified in this website are exclusive to the client and service provider and are entirely unconnected with the owners of this website.