The FIP Directory

With the recent launch of, a one-stop shop for information on the progress of global fishery improvement projects, we will be closing the SFP FIP Directory website by June 2017. is a collaboration of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutionsand the platform has built buy-in across industry, NGOs, and others working in fishery improvement. As a member of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, we’re now tracking our projects on

As we transition to FIPs to FisheryProgress, the SFP FIP Directory will be live, but it will no longer be actively maintained.

Please contact (Kristin Sherwood, for information on how to create a listing on their website. Any other questions can be directed to:



This site has a list of organisations that may be able to provide information, advice or funding for FIPs.

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You can watch videos about FIPs for entertainment, information and inspiration.

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